Natures TipTM


Natures TipTM not only is committed to manufacturing the finest compostable air/water syringe tip in the world, we are committed to providing our customers with the best service in the industry. From incredible technical support, communication and product warranty, to customer loyalty, Natures TipTM shows that we really appreciate you.

Natures Choice, Proven Performance!


We manufacture complete conversion kits for any syringe worldwide. No matter what air/water syringe you are using, you can use Natures TipTM. Simply order a minimum of a Bulk Pack (1000 tips), and you can order adapters at a discounted rate.

Free Syringe Program

One way we help keep our dentists' equipment in peak condition is through our new Free DCI syringe program. Any dental office purchasing the equivalent of two bulk packs (4000 tips), may choose as their reward a new DCI syringe, a retail value of more than €100/$150.

Natures TipTM Promise

No other syringe tip manufacturer backs their product the way we do. If you have set up your system correctly, with the proper syringe and O-Rings, we guarantee that our tips will not leak. We will provide you with new O-Rings, service your syringe, and make any necessary adjustments until Natures TipTM work perfectly in your syringe.


If your equipment changes, we change with you. We manufacture adapters for over 30 air/water syringes. We also make replacement O-Ring Kits approved for sterilization and color-coded for convenience.

The Natures Service

Our perfect performance is equaled only by our service. In addition to the most extensive website ever produced for an air/water syringe tip, we offer online support for installing and maintaining your Natures TipTM adapters.

And if you are uncomfortable using the internet, we are just an email or phone call away. Our technical experts are glad to help you solve your problems! Just use the simple email form on the support tab, or see our contact page for all the different ways you can reach us.

Made in USA

Natures TipTM is manufactured in the United States, using only compostable material and renewable resources. Our tips use no petroleum in it's production, foregoing depletion of our finite fossil fuels. When you use Natures TipTM, you are not only improving your patients' safety, you are using an alternative tip that eliminates another stream of waste going to landfills!

Fair Pricing

Indeed, we are not the cheapest syringe tip out there. But when you are the BEST, you shouldn't be! We are the only alternative to petroleum-based plastic air/water tips. We have created a tip that adheres to infection control, while at the same time creating a tip that is more safe for the environment.