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Make the Switch to Natures TipTM air/water syringe tips and receive a free upgrade. Call now for more details.

Request our unique FREE EXCHANGE program

We will replace your current stock of competing disposable air/water syringe tips with free Natures TipTM when you place your first order of a Bulk Pack (1000 tips) or more. Therefore, there is no reason for you to wait. This program is done directly through us, even if order is placed through distributor, we will handle your free air/water syringe tips exchange. Make the switch now in a few simple steps, as outlined below.

Fast and Easy!

(U.S. Customers) Please click on the Order Now button. You will be directed to the store, where you can place your order and fill out the simple Exchange form. When we send your order, we will include a call tag so you can ship us your current supply of eligible disposable air/water syringe tips.

Quick and Effortless!

(European Customers) Please go to our online store and place your order. If you are currently using a disposable air/water syringe tip, click on the Exchange icon at the bottom of your order. Fill out the form and email it back to

Adapters   U.S. Air/Water Syringes   European Air/Water Syringes

Whether you are switching from another disposable air/water syringe tip, or want to convert from your autoclavable tip, Natures TipTM provides adapters for all your syringes when you convert.

Place Your Order and Follow These Simple Instructions

  1. Order at least a Bulk Pack (1000 tips) and we will take back your remaining stock of eligible competing disposable air/water syringe tips. NOTE: Orders may be placed direct, or through your authorized dental dealer. Exchange up to 1000 tips maximum.
  2. Email or fax your paid invoice to us:
    Fax: 866-944-8989
  3. Please write "Exchange For Free Program" on the invoice. State which air/water syringe tip you currently use so we can give you the correct tip bonus.
  4. Please write on the invoice the type of air/water syringe you have and the number of adapters you need for all of your chairs.
  5. U.S. Customers. When we send your initial order of tips, we will include a call tag and pick up your current supply, bring them back to our office and send you your FREE Natures TipTM. If you ordered through your dealer, please send your current supply of tips to:
    Westside Resources
    13700 Alton Parkway
    Suite 154-117
    Irvine, CA 92603
  6. British and European Customers. Send your current supply of air/water syringe tips to one of the following addresses:
    Natures TipTM
    United Kingdom
    Suite 17
    179 Whiteladies Road
    Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2AG
    Natures TipTM
    Box 11
    Brünner Strasse 10
    04209 Leipzig

Natures TipTM

Exchange Application Form

Please fill out the form below to request your exchange for free.

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We appreciate your business and want to know what you think of Natures TipTM and why you are making the switch. If you include a testimonial, we will send you an additional 5% bonus of Natures TipTM when we receive your supply of current disposable tips.