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Natures TipTM disposable air water syringe tips don't just protect your patients from biofilm contamination as a single-use tip, they also protect our planet, as the first and only disposable air water syringe tip consisting of compostable material.

100% Made from Compostable Material

100% Made from Renewable Sources

100% Non-Petroleum Based Materials

Bio-Based Carbon Content of greater than 95%

Low Carbon Footprint

Natures TipTM

Natures TipTM is made using a proprietary blend of two certified compostable resins. Natures TipTM is ASTM D6400 Certified, meaning the product is 100% compostable. Materials used in the production of our air water syringe tips were designed to be composted in aerobic industrial/municipal composting facilities where air, water, heat, and light break the product down. Using a compostable air water syringe tip helps eliminate yet another stream of waste from entering our landfills. Any dentist, orthodontist, and hygienist can now feel pleased that they are complying with health standards endorsed worldwide, by using only single-use air water syringe tips, and be comfortable knowing that they are disposing of air water syringe tips that are more environmentally safe than other leading brands.

What Does Compostable Mean?

Under a managed composting program, the product must:

  • Break down to carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass at a rate similar to paper
  • Disintegrate into small pieces within 90 days, so that the original product is not visually distinguishable in the compost
  • Leave no toxic residue

What Does Biodegradable Mean?

Capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

What Does Bioplastic Mean?

Plastics whose components are derived from renewable raw materials.

What Does Renewable Resource Mean?

A renewable resource is a natural resource that can be replaced or replenished through biological or other natural processes.

What Does Biopolymer Mean?

Polymers that are produced by living organisms. Cellulose, starch and chitin, proteins and peptides, DNA and RNA are all examples of biopolymers, in which the monomeric units, respectively, are sugars, amino acids, and nucleotides.

Why Does Using a Disposable Air Water Syringe Tip Benefit Your Office?

Natures TipTM materials use biopolymers that are produced naturally from living organisms such as microbes. Petroleum-based products deplete our fossil fuels and cannot be replaced. The material used for Natures TipTM naturally replaces itself over time, therefore making our air water syringe tips the choice for a better environment. No matter how you dispose of Natures Tip, through a conventional landfill or composting facility, Natures TipTM will be more safe for the environment than standard petroleum products. Any dentist, orthodontist, and hygienist can now feel good that they are using a disposable air water syringe product that not only has reliable performance and instant dry air, but are using the next generation of bioplastics that will change the way we think about disposables.

“Where I live we incinerate all our trash, so what good would I be doing for the environment by buying Natures TipTM?” Answer

A lot of countries incinerate their rubbish/trash. Because our product is made from renewable resources and is made from non-petroleum materials, we are not depleting the environment of any fossil fuels. Earth will naturally replenish what we use for our air water syringe tips, unlike other petroleum-based air water syringe tips.

"I don't have any commercial or industrial landfill facilities nearby, can I dispose of Natures TipTM like all my other trash?" Answer

What does all this mean?

The answer is YES. Commercial/industrial composting facilities are growing steadily. We are at the forefront of a manufacturing transition. As the years progress and the environmental issues grow, so will new facilities. Natures TipTM is made from renewable resources that are non-petroleum based. This means that when the product goes to a conventional landfill, even though it does not degrade, it will still be a more safe alternative for the environment than standard petroleum based products. Materials used for Natures TipTM need light, air, water and heat to break the product down. Most conventional landfills are anaerobic, meaning without light.

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