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Congratulations on taking the first step to acquiring the world's first compostable air/water syringe tips. We will help you correctly ID your air water syringe, get samples, compare Natures TipTM to our competition and make certain we get the correct conversion kit to you (if required), to make your transition to Natures TipTM as smooth and easy as possible.

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Click here to request conversion kits. Whether you are trying Natures TipTM for the first time or you are a current customer, adapters are available for over 30 air water syringes.

Request a Free Air Water Syringe Tips Sample

Try a free sample of Natures Tip. We are confident you will love the fact that they are safe for your patients and the enviroment.

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Click here to make a smooth transition from your current tip to Natures TipTM.

ID Your Air Water Syringe

Positively ID your current air water syringe so we can send you the correct conversion kit (if required).

Proprietary vs. Standard

For DCI® and A-dec®-Style air water syringe users, find out why our standard-fit Natures TipTM is your best alternative.

Natures TipTM Benefits

In addition to using the first compostable air water syringe tips in the world, you will discover other great Natures TipTM benefits.

Key Differences

Discover the key differences between Natures TipTM and each of our disposable air/water syringe tip competitors.

Disposable vs. Autoclavable

See why disposable dental air water syringe tips are safer than metal autoclavable tips.

Top Ten Reasons

There are lots of great reasons to switch to Natures TipTM. Here are the Top 10 as we have heard from our satisfied dentists and hygienists.

Switch Media

Click here to get video and photo instructions on how to convert your current air/water syringe set-up to the original configuration that will allow you to use Natures TipTM, other non-proprietary disposable tips, and metal tips.

Dealer Rep

We can help you make certain you are better equipped to answer questions from your customers and help them make the Natures TipTM air water syringe conversion.